To offer an environment to produce skilled academic manpower apt to compete from local to global contemporary scenario.

Situated at Babarmahal, the heart of Kathmandu Valley, Olympia World School is one of the most distinct academic institutions in Nepal. It is the first school to introduce SmartClass Program through the use of graphics, animations, 3D images and video clips in each classroom. It has full fledged facilities to meet pace of competency of present day global academic excellence.

Olympia is a distinctly new school in the easily accessible location. It has freshly new academic and management team with innovative enthusiasm and novel academic atmosphere. The faculties and teaching styles that Olympia put into practice are really interactive, inventive and pioneering. Technologically well accessed methods are implemented in each classroom through the well experienced and highly qualified academicians.

Student Centered Teaching

The teaching and learning process at Olympia is focussed completely towards the needs of the students. Student’s needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles are given the topmost priority, with the teacher as a facilitator for learning. Teaching comprises of lectures, interactive presentations, seminars and workshops and field visits which encourages students to take an active role in their studies through supervised discussion, debates and presentation.

Leadership and Personality Development

It is very important for students today to develop the leadership skills at an early age. Our leadership classes aim to develop and nurture the leadership skills in each and every student. Personality development classes help to further enhance the image the students intend to project to others. These classes assist in identifying the students’ conscious traits and contrasting them with what they intend to exhibit.

Non Credit Courses

Students at Olympia are encouraged to take various non credit courses to improve their educational and personal knowledge. These courses include ESOL courses, culinary arts, journalism and computer courses.

Social Service

Olympia World School is serious about its responsibilities towards the society, in which it exists. The students of our school are made fully aware of these responsibilities and they play an important role in acheiving the school’s social goals as well.

Student Council

Student council plays a very important and responsible role at Olympia World School. The student representatives from different class meet regularly to discuss academic, co-curricular and extra curricular activites. The student council also plays a major role in organising all the school events.

Excellent Links to the industry and Corporate houses

Olympia World School has excellent links to the industry that can help you, both during and after your studies. While you are with us our industry contacts help to keep your teachers’ example relevant.

Career Counselling

Olympia has a separate department in the school which will provide career and study abroad counselling to our students. Although Olympia has a network with various Schools, Colleges and Universities abroad, counselling is not limited to our network of schools, colleges and universities.

Regular Involvement and Interaction with parents/guardians

Olympia envisages the regular involvement of parents and guardians in the academic upliftment of the students considering them as the important stakeholder of the total academic and non-academic process. As such we plan to interact with the parents on a regular basis.