Disciplinary Measure

Positive Disciplinary Measures

Concepts of discipline vary. The conventional elementary school concept of discipline is based on obedience. Many parents and teachers see punishment as a part of discipline. However, at Olympia we view discipline as a “neutral” term that can exclude punishment. Discipline is considered to be different from punishment both in its intent and consequences. It may be referred to as positive discipline or guidance.

Positive Discipline –
Is guiding and teaching.
Is done with a child.
Requires understanding, time, and patience.
Teaches problem solving and builds a positive self-image.
Develops long-term self-control and cooperation.

At Olympia we believe that the ultimate goal of discipline is to have children responsible for their own actions. If the goal for the child is the development of morality, of making good choices on his or her own, then punishment should not be involved. Conditions should be created that not only allow but strongly induce children to be or become moral and disciplined individuals who can make good choices on their own. We believe punishment should be replaced with teaching children how to solve social problems rather than punishing them for their behavior over problems they have not yet learned how to solve.