Programs in Pipeline

MI: The theory of multiple intelligences is experimental psychology where psychometric findings and implementation is done in classrooms as a tool to value and expose each child in the field their interest. Teachers identify that eachchild has its own identity and value with varied field of interest, and distinct developmental progression is taken into consideration.

EduSports: EduSports is India based proposed program which will implement a best-in-class Physical Education & Sports activities. The program is designed to offer the same rigor in sports and physical education as in academics. This ensures the children learn holistically through physical activity and sports in addition to helping them to improve their health and fitness levels dramatically.

V Star- the Virtuous Star: It is a Thailand based proposed program which is all about good habit formation of children. It includes various activities like meditation, greetings, installing habit of cleanliness and morality etc.

ESOL: It stands for English for Speakers of Other Language. It is English testing system conducted by Cambridge University, UK. Our students will be offered ESOL for international validity and certification of English.

Olympiads: This program includes a series of exams of different subjects like English, Cyber, Mathematics, Science conducted by Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi. It increases the creativity, reasoning and thinking power of children. Our children will be nationally and internationally tested and ranked.

Students Exchange Program: We strongly believe ‘Biology gives us brain. Life turns it into a mind’ and will put our best efforts to give all possible exposure to the students to widen their horizons. The school will organize tours, excursions, students exchange programs be it national or international level.

3Di Limited I(NZ) is the New Zealand’s fastest growing Digital Schooling Programme using cutting edge Digital Technologies and Training materials.

3Di is New century learning, which means learning that will take your child into the future.

The Six Foundation Stones of 3Di School Programme that child will learn:

Artistic Skills : How to sketch, draw, design and make imagination come alive.

Digital Media skills : Using fantastic computers, software programs, digital cameras and much more.

Core Competencies : Our learning will take the child into the future with personal development to help them learn skills used across the most desired industries such as medicine, engineering, architecture, IT and business.

Industry Relevant : 3Di is the only programme in the world that combines art, creativity, digital media and core competencies for personal development your kid, can have any job they want in the future.

Complementary Curriculum : What child learn in 3Di will help them other subjects like Mathematics, Science, English and IT.

Creativity : Key to developing life-long learning is creativity, and 3Di will assist child to learn how to imagine, invent new things, be resourceful and share their original ideas.